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Friday, June 26, 2015

Nine people

I wrote this piece a few days ago and have been waiting to publish.  It seems a bit out of step now, but maybe it also serves as a reminder -- on this day of celebrations, that are tangled with fresh memories and piled on with a serious helping of world terror -- a reminder of just how fickle we can be with our feelings and how ever-changing the world really is, and maybe this still applies.  At least it does to me:

Nine people shot and killed
What shall I do?
One killer seeks a race war
What should I not do?

Preachers preach, newscasters news, politicians politick,
What shall I say?
Bloggers blog, pundits pun, commentators comment
What should I not say?

My roots are racist, my response was silence
What shall I remember?
My actions are few, my friends and my strangers are hurting
What should I not forget?

The NRA says “give us our guns,” others say, “take down that flag,”
What shall I say?
Worshippers gather to pray, organizers organize
What should I not say? What should I not do?

My life has been full of times I could have defended,
But I remained inert
My heart wells up with hurt and pain and guilt and I wonder
What can I say?  What should I do?  Where shall I go?  What right do I have? 

Jesus said, “put out into the deep water”
Jesus said, “do not be afraid”
Jesus said, “Oh ye of little faith”
Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me”
But Jesus also did.  Jesus met.  Jesus asked.  Jesus healed.  Jesus prayed.  Jesus forgave.  Jesus loved.  And in one tiny verse, Jesus wept.
 Yes, Jesus wept.

For now, I weep.
For now, I pray.
For now, I listen.
For now, I look.

Soon and very soon, I must seek what I shall say and what I shall do.
Soon and very soon. 

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