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Saturday, January 31, 2015

A walk, a protest, a death and more steps along the way

Today feels like one of those days that simply will not quit giving.  I can't catch my breath.  It started out slowly enough.  But as it started to pick up steam, the train began rolling down the track and has me holding on as if I'm on the outside of one of the cars and trailing along behind in the wind.  I decided to go out to one of the dunes not far from my house and take the dog for a leisurely walk around a little used lake.  It's really more like a pond.

The weather is freakishly spring-like for the last day of January, though the forecast looks as if rain will be back starting tomorrow.  The walk was peaceful, calm and beautiful.  

I was breathing in the freshness and the beauty and after the walk decided to drive up and down some of the other roads to see what might be there and where I might go for future explorations.  In doing so, I ran into a group of folks who were protesting big business takeover of some of the logging operations here in the area.
Let me introduce you to Rick and George, who were happy to talk to me about their protest.  Everyday the mill is open and shipping, they will be there to protest.  They claim this multi-million $$ entity only paid $6000 in taxes last year.  I have no idea whether or not I would agree with their beef, but I sure loved talking to them and applauded their grassroots efforts.

On the drive back home, I had to stop and enjoy this view of the McCullough Bridge that crosses into North Bend, Oregon.
In doing so, I checked my messages and Facebook and saw a post from Sharol Hayner regarding the death of her husband Steve.  He is someone who has a laundry list of accomplishments and degrees and jobs far greater than I ever will.  I only really met and talked to Steve once, when I was taking Dmin classes at Columbia Theological Seminary, but in that one meeting, it was not his credentials that impressed me, but instead, his spirit and faith and passion.  I also was moved by degrees more by the story Sharol shared from someone I DO know well, my former pastor, the Rev. Dr. Steve Harrington.  His words and the images she share don CaringBridge about the two Steves was so vivid, so real, so faith-filled, love-inspired, and hope-laden.   I simply sat in stillness with the words, the beauty of the day, the tears of grief that come when death comes too quickly, and the hope and joy that skips right behind that sadness in an image of life eternal that is around the bend, over the bridge, through the thickets, and beyond all of our greatest imaginings.

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