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Friday, March 21, 2014

Transplanting Dead Trees

I have just come home from the first day of the Sabeel Conference http://www.fosna.org/content/pleasant-hill-ca-conference-march-21-22-2014
at Christ the King Catholic Church in Pleasant Hill, CA.  This being the season of Lent, the sanctuary is partially adorned for the season in mostly purple swags of fabric.  However, there is also a prominent fixture in the front of the sanctuary, in the form of a dry, dead tree.  I found myself fixated upon this tree, even when I was supposed to be focused upon the speakers.

Dry and brittle
useful to no one
no shade
no fruit
no home for birds nests

Oddly beautiful
Striking in its starkness
Deceivingly graceful
Drawing in observers
Pulling them toward the false beauty

Occupation is a dead tree
Dry and brittle
producing no shade
no fruit
no habitat for a home

The death and oppression has an odd appeal to those in power
Strikingly strong
Deceivingly attractive
Its lies hang like dead branches
There is no root in truth or transparency

Can these bones live
Can we be planted by streams in a desert
Can the waters of justice flow
Can the branches come alive
Can there be roots in a fertile ground of peace and prosperity

Or will we just keep moving dead trees around

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