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Monday, November 14, 2011

Such a long time to be gone

First of all, I just now realized that the last day I blogged was the day before I re-entered the hospital!  I started to feel sort of blah that day and the next day I was running a fever.  Went in for an early doctor's appointment and they weren't at all concerned, even though my incision was rather "angry" looking and I was still feeling poorly.  They gave me antibiotics and sent me home.  I took a dose and Tylenol and went to bed.  Woke up late that afternoon and felt worse.  Called the doctor and lied so they would pay attention to me because I knew something was pretty wrong.  Finally he conceded and said I should go to the emergency room.  We went in at 4:30 pm and my fever was around 103.5.  They stuck me in a room that registered 55 degrees, but I was boiling and so was everyone else!  I was finally admitted at around 11 pm.  There was talk of an abscess, but nothing was definite.  For whaterver reason, the nurse was unable to get my medications transferred, so I ended up with no antibiotics for about 8 hours.  That next morning I was really feeling sick and I could see concern in the staff.  They knew they had mismanaged my case.  Sent me to radiology for a drain and when I returned, I had a private room and a LOT more attention.  I discovered at that point that what I did not like was not having information.  Just wanted them to tell me what was going on.  Needless to say, my speedy recovery was brought to a major halt. I was in the hospital for 7 days and basically had to start my recovery all over again.   I'd love to say I'm all better now, but I sort of don't know what that means.  My primary care physician told me she really thought I "dodged a couple of bullets."  I was septic and that is serious.  I also had cancer.  That's serious too.  But I don't think it was my body that took the major hit.  I full well believe it was my soul that was most effected.  For the better and the worse. 
Thank you all for your prayers and your friendship.