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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Post Operation

I am still pinching myself that only four days ago I was on an operating table with a tube in my throat and having my stomach cut open.  Four days!  Since then, I've had some remarkable experiences.  The volume of prayers shared and all sorts of lovingkindness has been offered to me.  My family has been amazing.  Also, the source of these gifts have been many and varied.  Some totally expected and others completely unexpected.  I think that is what is so amazing about receiving.  One puts it out there, and then see who is able and willing to respond in ways that will be helpful and healing.  I do not see all of this as necessarily pre-ordained, but I take every moment and every instance to give thanks for what is.

For those who like a bit more of the nitty gritty, I did want to share that the surgery was deemed "successful."  Took all the parts that were supposed to go and nothing new or unexpected was discovered.  The surgeon felt confident enough to say that though he can't be sure until he reads the pathology report, he feels confident that it was very early stage uterine cancer and that no follow up treatment would be required.  That, of course, would pretty much seal the deal for as good an outcome of all of this as I could possibly hope for.  Once again, praying for what may be and giving thanks for what is.

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