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Friday, January 7, 2011

Another wild and wacky week in the world of ministry

My mother used to say there'd be weeks like this!  Well, not really, as I don't think she has a clue what I do.  Most people don't.  There are lots of folks who are even regulars in the church who think we sit in our ivory mini-cubicle offices and study scripture and write a sermon for the one hour of the week that we actually really do any work, though many would not call what we do on Sunday morning work.  This is not at all what I did this last week.  My week went more like this:
I make every effort to keep my Monday as a Sabbath day, a day set aside for loving God and enjoying God forever (metaphorically speaking).  I would actually probably do better if I turned off every electronic device, did not ever answer my phone, shut off all brain waves and put myself in some sort of flat line state or secluded myself in a sound proof room.  Nonetheless, I did try to take Monday as my day off.  Tuesday always starts with one of my favorite parts of the week, which is supervising the Pastoral Intern.  We have taken to doing our supervision while walking.  It is good to get out into the community and keeps us from being completely sedentary, which is a job risk in pastoral ministry.  The rest of the day was spent doing my favorite part of ministry:  administrivia.  Oh how I love it! 
Wednesday was a typical day of the unscheduled but very important interruption.  One of our deacons sent a message that prompted me to abort my arrival at the office and to detour to one of the local skilled nursing facilities.  Rather than arriving at the office at 10, I got in closer to noon.  The visit was important.   Then someone who would have been waiting for me while I was at my  interruption, didn't show up til after I arrived in the office.  We rescheduled.
Next was some lunch and walking to local businesses asking if we could put up posters publicizing the upcoming John McCutcheon concert.  All in a day's work!
Thursday looked to be a mellow day with some meetings in the community.  We were looking forward to where we might be connecting as a church with the life of the community. work of the Rainbow Community Center.   This was the highlight of my week.  Probably partially at the expense of the pastoral intern, who was amazed and exhausted by the "visioning" work that we were doing.  How is it that having conversations, being relational and simply hearing what someone is excited about in their work, is considered work?  There was no agenda.  There was no desired outcome.  We did not emerge with a ten point plan of execution.  We just connected.  And while we were there, we ran into a member of our church who is a member of the Putnam Clubhouse (they're housed in the same building as the RCC) and we got an impromptu tour of the facility and heard more about their work as well.  Score!
So, no, my mother never said there'd be days or weeks like this.    And if she had, I'd never have believed her!

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